Angela Charlton R.D.-N.

Angela Charlton R.D.-N.



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Angela Charlton, R.D.-N., has worked with patients at the Carilion Clinic Cancer Center as an oncology nutrition specialist since 2003, helping them manage their dietary needs to minimize side effects and prevent weight loss during treatment. She focuses on evidence-based and integrative nutritional care and has an approach that inspires confidence and passion for nourishment of the whole person. In her direct work with patients and through her articles for Living, Angela's goal is to inform and inspire so that people focus on habits rather than numbers, developing relationships with food and eating that benefit them throughout their lives. 


Jarred grains, canned food, a bag of potatoes and a potted parsley plant surround a chalkboard that reads: "Stay Home and Relax."."
De-Stressing With Diet

How good food can improve your mood.