Infant Safe Sleep Tip: Choosing a Mattress

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By News Team on June 21, 2016

If you have a little one on the way, you might be dreaming of the perfect crib, but it is just as important to put that much thought into finding the right mattress as well.

A good mattress not only helps ensure that your little one sleeps well, but it will also help keep him safe and support his growing bones. When purchasing that perfect mattress, look for one that is firm. A soft sleeping surface is a suffocation hazard and increases the risk of SIDS. The same is true for bassinets and portable cribs as well.

Never lay a baby to sleep on a soft surface, such as on a couch or sofa, pillows, quilts, sheepskins or blankets, and do not use a car seat, carrier, swing or similar product as the baby's everyday sleep area. The only safe place for a baby to sleep is in a crib or bassinet that is clutter free.  

In the video below, Jill Lucas-Drakeford, a community health educator for Carilion Clinic, discusses the benefits of a firm mattress for babies.

Carilion Children's Hospital is committed to keeping babies safe while they sleep.