Video: Injured on the Court

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By News Team on June 8, 2016

Maryah Sydnor was still in the beginning of her first season as a professional player for Finland's Vimpelin Veto basketball team when she fell to the court mid-game. 

"I was going on a fast break, side stepped the girl, and the next thing I know, when I planted, I felt that typical pop they talk about," said Sydnor. "So I was down right then."

Shortly after the tumble, Sydnor learned that she suffered a season-ending ACL tear. A Radford native, she made the decision to return to Virginia and receive care close to home. Sydnor underwent surgery at Carilion New River Valley Medical Center and continues to meet with physical therapists in an effort to return to court by the next preseason. 

"We're all working together to get her back to top form," explained Christofer Catterson, M.D., Sydnor's orthopaedic surgeon at Carilion Clinic. "As a professional athlete, she's expected to get back to the same level that she was at prior to her injury, and we have expectations that she definitely will do that." 

Watch her full story below and learn more about Carilion Clinic's outpatient services.