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October is national Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and our women's health experts are reaching out through the media to keep breast cancer, other women's cancers and all women's health issues in the spotlight. 

Scroll down to see what you may have missed.

Breast Cancer
Ashley Tuttle, medical director of Breast Imaging at Carilion Clinic, spoke with WFXR about self-exams and early detection


Finding Fertility

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So you have finally decided to take the plunge. You and your partner are ready to have a baby! You stop using birth control but months and months pass with regular periods and negative pregnancy tests.

Mixed in with the disappointment is a growing concern: Why aren't I pregnant yet?


Worried About Your Period?

What's normal in a period can cover a broad range.

 Your period is late. Again.

 And it's even more painful than last time. Not to mention the amount of blood.

What is a normal period, anyway?

You wish you knew!

Timing of Your Periods

Unfortunately many women complain about late, painful or heavy periods. Some experience problems occasionally, while others dread their period every month.

When should you be concerned?


Common Questions About Menopause

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There is more to menopause than the end of a woman's menstrual cycle. However, it isn’t talked about openly, so the experience can feel overwhelming and isolating.

We spoke with Carilion Clinic's Elizabeth McCuin, M.D., an Obstetrics and Gynecology specialist and certified menopause practitioner, to learn more about menopause symptoms and treatments.



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