Moving Without Misery: The Right Way To Lift

young man mostly hidden by large cardboard boxes he is carrying

Your cousin hurt his back moving furniture. Your sister ruptured a disc by lifting her baby and a heavy bag of groceries.

We all probably know someone who’s injured their back by lifting an object that was too heavy, or by lifting it incorrectly.

Unfortunately, a moment’s wrong move can cause all kinds of problems, ranging from muscle strain to back or joint injuries.


Soothe Your Sunburn

woman with sunscreen on her sunburnt shoulder

Maybe you left the sunscreen at home. Or maybe you went for a swim and didn’t reapply it. Or—a common oversight—you didn’t realize how long you were working in the garden.

Well, the yard looks great but you ended up with a bad sunburn!

These tips and remedies from the Skin Cancer Foundation can help ease the pain and speed healing. Drape a cool, damp towel around your pink shoulders and read on:


Protect Your Back at Work

closeup of woman's hands clasping her lower back as though it's in pain

Quick Facts

  • Work-related injuries result more often from repetitive strain than from a single incident
  • Correct posture and proper ergonomics can help prevent injury
  • These tips are part of the training that Carilion Clinic employees take every year


Every day, we move in ways that put us at risk of a back injury. In just a second, we might hurt ourselves by lifting a heavy object the wrong way, or trip and fall.


The Fine Art of Doing Less

many sticky notes multitasking

Your life is probably hectic. We all juggle an enormous number of competing priorities, from time with family and friends to commitments at work and school.

Not to mention trying to fit in time for exercise, meal planning and a good night’s sleep.

Sometimes it feels like there just aren’t enough hours in the day for everything that "needs" to get done.

So what would you say if someone suggested that you spend some time doing less?


The ABCs of Mindfulness in Schools

several children sitting calmly in cross-legged meditative pose with eyes closed

The benefits of mindfulness are well-known, and at Roanoke City Public Schools (RCPS), they want to get kids started early on a path to mindful living.

A 2019 pilot program at an RCPS elementary school included a short guided meditation as part of the morning announcements, led by Laurie Seidel, M.S.N., a nurse educator in Carilion Clinic’s Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Medicine.



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