Does Sunscreen Expire?

Child on beach in white hat getting sunscreen on his nose.

Memorial Day is right around the corner. Neighborhood pools are about to open (except Carilion Wellness, which is already open - woohoo!) and for many of us that means pulling swim suits, floaties and of course that stockpile of unused sunscreen out of storage.

The question is will that sunscreen be just as effective the second time around?

To make things interesting, a lot of sunscreen bottles are not printed with an expiration date.


Preventing Running Injuries

man with bandaged left foot sits on hardwood floor next to his running shoes

Has having the Blue Ridge Marathon in town inspired you to start running?

Are you considering a “couch-to-5K” as a way to improve your health?

Whether you are just getting started or training for an ultra-marathon, running is a great way to challenge your body and improve your state of mind. It can also be an easy way to get hurt.

Sports medicine experts recommend seeking advice from your health care provider before you begin any exercise program to ensure that your training plan is appropriate for your fitness level. 


The Many Benefits of Gardening

Spring is officially here, and with it a desire to enjoy the great outdoors after a long, wet winter. One of the best ways to welcome spring is by planting a garden.

According to Gail Nordhaus, R.N. and Carilion Clinic community outreach coordinator, gardening offers many benefits, whether you’re tending an expanse of raised beds or a single flowerpot on a small apartment balcony.

"My experience working with people is that the more you do, the more you want to do," she said.


Reduce Clutter, Reduce Stress

closeup of man's face looking stressed surrounded by clutter clothes

Has the Kondo effect affected you?

If you are taking spring cleaning more seriously this year, you’re not just in sync with a popular decluttering trend, you’re in sync with science.

A recent study found that an excess of clutter in the home is linked to both procrastination and overall life dissatisfaction. This supports earlier studies that linked clutter to higher levels of the stress hormone cortisol.



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