Questions to Ask About End-of-Life Care

senior couple researching hospice on laptop with masks on

Have you or a loved one learned that you have a serious illness that can’t be cured? If so, you may be feeling isolated and overwhelmed.

It can help to know what your options are for medical care and emotional support.

Carilion Clinic Hospice has prepared “Carilion Conversations,” a series of helpful questions and suggestions to help you plan and communicate your wishes to others.


What Is Home Health Care?

home health aide at patient's home both with masks

Home health care is skilled care provided in a patient’s home by a Medicare-certified agency under a physician’s order. While many people imagine the typical home health patient as an elderly person, patients include pregnant women and newborns as well as people of all ages who are recovering from surgery or managing chronic conditions.

Working with patients in their home allows for more relevant discussions about their disease process, their medication and diet management, ways to prevent falls and learn safe handling techniques.


When You Snooze, You Lose

man in bed reaching to turn off multiple alarm clocks

We all know that our sleep habits affect how we function during the day. But did you know that the way you wake up can have similar effects?

Most of us do not wake up naturally, especially on workdays and school days. A loud alarm goes off and, depending on how long you have been asleep, you might think the alarm is part of your dream, you could wake up and greet the day or maybe you decide to hit the snooze button for a few more minutes of rest (and then a few more minutes when it goes off again).



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