Understanding Treatment Options for Skin Cancer

woman getting checked for skin cancer

When it comes to treating skin cancer, you have a variety of options.

“The diagnosis of skin cancer can often induce fear and anxiety in our patients,” says Kyle Prickett, M.D., a specialist with Carilion Clinic Dermatology and Mohs Surgery. “Fortunately, as dermatologists, we have numerous modalities for effectively treating skin cancer.”


Beyond Sunscreen: How To Stay Sun-Savvy

closeup of three people's arms coated with schmears of sunscreen

UV rays are strong. They can penetrate clouds, reach below the water’s surface and reflect off surfaces like sand, snow and water. While you might think you’re protected, it’s always wise to brush up on some safety tips to prevent skin cancer and keep your skin looking and feeling healthy. There’s a lot more to staying sun-savvy and protecting your skin than simply wearing sunscreen.


Beyond High Heels: Women and Foot Conditions

woman who just treated her feet to a pedicure at spa

With the heat of summer in full swing, there are a lot of ways we try to keep cool: Crank up the air conditioning, wear lighter clothing, and, of course, break out those summer shoes. Besides getting the occasional pedicure to keep your feet looking pretty, you may want to consider other ways to be friendly to your feet and keep them healthy during the summer months and all year long.


Drink up! Tips to Avoid Dehydration

Our bodies are about two-thirds water, so we need enough of it every day to function properly and feel our best. This is true year-round, but it's especially important in the summer months, when dehydration can come on quickly.

Water is essential for all of our organs and systems, but we notice its absence first in our metabolism and digestion—constipation and dark, odorous urine are an early sign. Other signs of dehydration include:


Does Sunscreen Expire?

Child on beach in white hat getting sunscreen on his nose.

It's not officially summer yet, but it sure feels like it! Area pools are opening (Carilion Wellness pools are already open!) and for many of us that means pulling swim suits, floaties and a stockpile of old sunscreen out of storage.

Will that sunscreen be just as effective the second time around? And how will you know? A lot of sunscreen bottles are not printed with an expiration date.

 The FDA requires that sunscreens have a shelf life of at least three years.


3 Steps to Safety on the Road

rear view of driver holding cell phone indicating distracted driving

In 2020, emergency department doors throughout the U.S. opened more than 2.1 million times for injuries related to motor vehicle crashes. While that number is stunning, it is lower than average since it occurred during a year that included extended lockdowns and restrictions on travel.

Here at home, Carilion Clinic’s Emergency Department saw 700 patients for traumatic injuries following motor vehicle crashes in 2021.



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