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What if You Could Save a Life?

Organ donor patient story family photo_What if you could save a life

There are more than 113,000 patients in the United States currently on the organ transplant waitlist, with another name being added to the list every 10 minutes. Unfortunately, some people never make it off of the list with an average of 18 dying every day.

The numbers show that the need is great, but one donor can save several lives. More specifically, an organ donor can save up to eight lives and a tissue donor can enhance more than 50. With so many patients impacted by the transplant process, you do not have to look far to hear powerful donation stories of hope and healing. 


Knee Buckling From Arthritis

Dorothy Craig trims her rose bush in the her garden

For three years the pain in Dorothy Craig's knee had been getting progressively worse. She could not bend over or walk very well, and her knee would often buckle, causing her to fall.

At 85 years old, Dorothy and her doctor knew that more falls could lead to much more serious injuries, so her physician sent her to John Mann, M.D., an orthopaedic surgeon at Carilion Clinic's Institute for Orthopaedics and Neurosciences.


Bedside Manner as Important as Surgical Skills

dcotor sitting with patient and family at bedside in hospital

Rev. Bob Mann has spent time in a lot of hospitals.

Serving as a pastor for many years and being part of a large Monroe County, W.Va., family, he has visited scores of bedsides in many health care facilities and watched how providers and nurses interact with patients. Recently, however, he was admitted as a patient himself and observed firsthand the importance patient-centered care.

“Good skills matter, of course,” he said. “But the most important thing a hospital can offer is bedside manner. Nurses become family, especially when a patient has no family with them.”


Triumph Over Trauma: Agnes Green

Life-Guard helicopter flying over Carilion's Level 1 Trauma Center

Agnes Green and her husband were driving home when tragedy struck. Suffering from multiple severe injuries, Agnes was taken by a Carilion Life-Guard helicopter to Carilion Roanoke Memorial Hospital's Level 1 Trauma Center in Roanoke, Va.

There she was hospitalized and treated for 11 broken ribs and a head injury. Due to the advanced care Agnes received at our trauma center, she is back to working in her beloved garden. Watch her story of triumph over trauma.



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