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Lupus Diagnosis Leads to Passion and Purpose

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When she first began experiencing symptoms of lupus, Alyshia Merchant thought she was just overdoing things. She was working full time, going to school and—like many young adults—dreaming of leaving Roanoke to experience the world.
“I had no previous health issues,” she said. “However, as time passed, I became more and more fatigued. One day I was so tired driving home from the store that I had to pull over to sleep.”


Stories of the Heart: Roger White

heart puzzle with a red stethoscope

When snow blanketed the New River Valley last winter, Roger White took out his snow blower and went to help a neighbor who’d recently had a heart attack. Before he could finish clearing his friend’s driveway, though, Roger’s own heart gave out, and he collapsed.

Getting him to the hospital was a challenge. The snow was too deep to drive through, and the wind and blustery weather made flying hazardous. At one point, Roger’s heart stopped, but the paramedics who’d managed to reach him were able to revive him.



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