Patient Stories

Stories of the Heart: Ken Gray

image of heart showing veins and arteries
One evening Ken Gray was having chest pains. According to his wife, Connie, he did not tell her, but calmly called 911 and let her know that an ambulance was on its way.

He was transported to Carilion Roanoke Memorial Hospital and immediately went into surgery.

Despite the surgery, Connie was told that she had a very sick husband, and Ken was initially given three or four days to live.

A massive heart attack had put a hole in the bottom of his heart.


Breast Cancer: Alice West's Story

If you are a woman in your forties and you have not started thinking about getting a mammogram, Alice West has one key piece of advice for you: 

"You need to start thinking about it."  

Alice was diagnosed with stage III breast cancer. Within a week of her diagnosis, she started six months of chemotherapy, underwent surgery and went through radiation.

Today Alice is cancer free and is a survivor, but if she had not gotten her mammogram her story could have been very different. 



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