The Truth About Stranger Danger

a young boy sitting alone on a playground

Many families look forward to Halloween’s pumpkin carving, trick-or-treating and spooky costumes.

While the holiday is full of festive fun, parents can make sure their children maximize their Halloween experience by helping them to stay safe no matter what the night brings.

On Carilion Clinic Living, we have talked about the importance of visibility and car safety. One other topic important not to overlook, however, is stranger safety.


Tips for Raising Happy, Successful Kids

a young African American family snuggling and smiling on a couch

You want your child to be happy, healthy and ready for success in life. But are you doing the right things?

Our Carilion Children’s experts offer this advice:

“Communication is extremely important for maintaining the physical and emotional well-being of your child,” said Lori Dudley, Ph.D., a Carilion Children's licensed clinical psychologist.


Safety Tips for Home-Alone Teens

Teenage girl at home alone after school.

You’ve decided your teen is mature enough to stay home alone after school. But you still worry about what could go wrong.

It’s widely accepted that teens 13 and up are able to stay home alone after school.

“Being trusted to stay home alone can be a positive experience for a child who is mature and well prepared,” according to the Children’s Bureau of the U.S. Dept. of Health and Human Services.


Grandparents: Your Role is Changing

grandfather teaching his granddaughter how to play guitar

You want to be the best grandparent you can be. But what may have earned you the title Grandparent of the Year 20 years ago is different from what’s expected of you today.

Across the country, 2.7 million grandparents are stepping in for parents—a seven percent increase since 2009.

In Virginia, about 70,000 children are being raised by their grandparents, according to the Annie E. Casey Foundation.


How to Be a Good Sports Parent

mother and daughter at soccer game

Sports have become an important part of many kids' lives, which means it has become an important part of their parents’ lives as well.

We all want our kids to be successful at whatever they do, but sometimes we worry that we are not doing enough, or doing it right for that matter. It can be stressful. But, it doesn’t have to be.


Could Vaping Lead to Smoking for Teens?

teen about to try an e-cigarette

Has your teen talked about trying e-cigarettes or sampled some of the flavored versions being heavily marketed to teens?  

If so, you have company. The popularity of e-cigarettes has soared in the past few years and many of those “vaping” are teenagers.

Sales of e-cigarettes are said to be $6 billion worldwide and chances are there is a vape shop – or two – in your own town. Vaping is also estimated to be growing by a whopping 42 percent a year.



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