When Children Are Very Sick: How You Can Help

tired father sitting head in hands with sick child in hospital

When children are diagnosed with life-threatening or life-limiting conditions, everyone around them feels helpless and confused about how they can help. Fortunately for these patients at Carilion Children’s and their families, a Pediatric Hospice and Palliative Care team provides much more than medical care.

But there are many ways that loved ones and far-away friends can still support these families.
Let’s start by defining pediatric palliative care and how it relates to hospice care.  


Do Kids Need a Multivitamin?

little boy of 50s era clothing is ready to eat his veggies!

Every parent goes through it—the stress over whether or not your child is eating enough of the right foods. Maybe they refuse to eat green vegetables. Or they turn their nose up at anything that doesn’t resemble a chicken nugget.
Commonly, parents will give their children multivitamins to make up for what goes uneaten on the dinner plate. But as long as your child eats a relatively balanced diet, you can probably rest easy.


Get Back to School Safely

organized line of children boarding school bus in autumn or winter

Back-to-school means getting back to a much busier schedule than many families are used to. And the busier we are, the more distracted we can be. 

Road safety isn't just for kids. If you're visiting Carilion Roanoke Memorial Hospital, watch out for construction, road closures and detours—and pedestrians crossing streets around the hospital!



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