How to Handle the Threenager Meltdown

3 year old boy throwing a temper tandtrum

It has happened to every parent at least once (most likely several times). The threenager meltdown!

It happened to me just last weekend. My husband and I took our three-year-old to the book store. He loves to play with the train in the children’s area!

He played happily for about an hour, but things went south real quick when I told him it was time to go.

I was met with a high-pitched scream of “No!” followed by him picking up the wooden crane on the table and throwing it.


Your Child Is Being Bullied—What Do You Do?

kids bullying teens child

Bullying can happen anywhere—at school, on the bus, at the neighborhood park, even within groups of friends.
According to, 49 percent of children in grades 4-12 reported being bullied at least once in the past month. 
It’s not only our job as parents to protect our kids, but also to teach them how to protect themselves.


Why You Need a Booster Seat!

booster seat ready to go in a mini van

Once your child outgrows their car seat, you might think that the next step is simply the safety belt in your car. Wrong!

“Seat belts are not designed to fit children correctly until they are at least 57 inches tall and weigh between 80 to 100 pounds,” Jill Lucas Drakeford, a Carilion Clinic Community Health educator and coordinator for Safe Kids Southwest Virginia.


Does Your Teen Cut Herself?

A teenage girl makes cuts on her arm.

Why would a teenager cut herself? And what can you do to help her?

Yes, the teens who harm themselves this way are mostly girls who are trying to cope with distress in their lives. They turn to cutting as a way of blunting emotional pain. 

Teens who cut themselves with their nails or a razor blade say it dulls their feelings of stress. They may also scratch or hit themselves, or pick at their skin or pull out their hair.


Sledding Safely!

little boy sledding down a snowy hill wearing a helmet

Snow days mean sledding and maybe a snowball fight or two. And while this is all fun and games, sledding can result in serious injury if you don’t take the proper precautions.  

Head injuries are one of the leading causes of death and serious injury when it comes to winter sports such as sledding, skiing, snowboarding and even ice skating.

Before you head out to your favorite sledding spot, remember the following precautions:



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