5 Tips for a Healthy Tailgate

group of football fans enjoying a fun tailgate

Football season is always a favorite time of year, and for many of us the tailgate party before the game is almost as important as the game itself. What could be better than hanging out with family and friends and eating great food?  

But that doesn’t mean it has to derail your healthy habits. All you have to do is make smart food choices.

Typical tailgating foods can easily add up to more calories than you think, but if you come up with a game plan beforehand and stick to it, you can make your tailgating table more colorful and with fewer calories.


Is Intermittent Fasting for You?

woman holding clock with food on white background

Fasting is a time-honored spiritual practice in many cultures, one which could prove to offer physical benefits as well.

There is currently considerable public and scientific interest in determining whether intermittent fasting—or intentional periods of dietary restriction—may offer a potentially effective approach for weight management and improving health.



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