10 Tips to Keep Pounds Away This Holiday Season

holiday ginger bread cookies set out to cool

Fa, la, la, la, la! The holiday season is upon us, which means that the tempting treats will be out in force. Whether it is in the break room at work or at the many parties and social gatherings that pop up, it seems like unhealthy food choices are everywhere.

However, there are several things you can do to stay on track for a healthy lifestyle. Robin Rohrig, a registered dietitian at Carilion Wellness, shares her top 10 tips for a healthy holiday season.


Navigating Nutrition During Cancer Treatment

female cancer patient drinking tea with her mother

Receiving a cancer diagnosis is an overwhelming experience. Both the symptoms and the treatments can be exhausting, and recovery is sometimes a longer process than anticipated.

In addition to physical effects, the illness and its treatments have profound emotional effects as well—including on relationships. Everyone has well-meaning advice and wants to help, but not everyone knows how to.

That is especially the case for the changing dietary needs and tolerances experienced by cancer patients.



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