5 Fall-Ready Recipes

Pumpkins, baskets of apples and potted marigolds sitting on a lawn.

Fall is here and we're unabashedly enjoying all of the favorite flavors that come with it, from pumpkin spice to freshly picked apples. 

Even so, we're not about to fall out of our healthy eating habits. While it's sometimes easier to think of summer as the time to fill our plates with fresh produce, getting our fruits and veggies is just as important when the weather gets colder. 


Beyond the Basics: A Labor Day Cookout Menu

A Jack Russell Terrier sits on a lawn chair, watching hungrily as a man's hand turns burgers on a backyard grill.

As we approach the last grilling holiday of the year, it may be time to shake up some of the recipes we've been relying on all summer. So we searched the Carilion Living food files to find fun new twists on seasonal standbys like burgers, watermelon, peaches and iced tea. With exciting flavors like cumin, cilantro and jalapeno, the ideas below are worthy of a proper summer sendoff. 


Chill out With Summer Mocktails

three mason jars with iced tea and citrus slices

This summer is a tough one.

Summer is for socializing, and the coronavirus has kept us all apart for months.

Add an extended heat wave and even socially distant get-togethers outside are uncomfortable.

As tempting as it would be to crowd together with strangers inside cool, air-conditioned restaurants, that significantly increases the risk of exposure to the coronavirus.

So in these very, very stressful times, how can we celebrate the end of a tough week?

Have a mini-staycation with homemade mocktails!


Cooking Healthy for One

Man looks up a recipe on his laptop while cooking healthy food in his kitchen.

Living solo has plenty of benefits. You don’t have to share the remote or wait your turn for the shower, you can decorate to your own tastes and bedtime is whenever you say it is.

But when it comes to cooking, being a household of one gets trickier. When you open a cookbook or pull up a recipe online, you usually see these words: “makes 4 servings.”

Following the directions on a package often yields similarly oversized portions (we’re looking at you, pasta box).



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