De-Stressing With Diet

Jarred grains, canned food, a bag of potatoes and a potted parsley plant surround a chalkboard that reads: "Stay Home and Relax."."

To anyone who has ever experienced the tired, irritable feelings that can come with hunger, the fact that food can have a big impact on our mood will come as no surprise. 

And, there is evidence that what we eat could also play a role in our broader mental health.

Recent studies suggest that a healthy diet can both reduce the risk and alleviate the symptoms of anxiety and depression.

That’s good news, since we could all use another tool in our toolkit for supporting our mental well-being right now. Food is an often overlooked yet powerful tool! 


Eat the Rainbow!

eating the rainbow color fruits and vegetables

You’ve probably heard of the five main food groups, but when it comes to eating healthy, have you also taken in to account the five main color groups?

The best way to get vitamins, minerals and nutrients in your diet is to eat a variety of colorful fruits and vegetables. They contain many of the vitamins and antioxidants that we need, and with few calories.


Savory Sides for Your Holiday Table

top down view of laden thanksgiving table

Your holiday table doesn't have to be filled with unhealthy, processed, nutrient-light foods you may remember from years past.

Add balance to the abundance of gravy and pies with fresh vegetables prepared simply to bring out their natural flavors. Click through to try any of the recipes below, and browse our recipes for more ideas.

Happy Thanksgiving!



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