Fact Check

Facts About Fevers & Flu

two little boys in bed sick with the flu

True or false: You are no longer contagious with the flu once your fever breaks.

The answer is false.

Usually, you are still contagious for about five to seven days after your symptoms start to improve.

This is especially true when you take medications such as ibuprofen, which can relieve your fever while the virus is still quite active. 


The Only Diet You Will Ever Need

salmon on a plate with tomatoes and asparagus

Fact Check: There is a diet that focuses on health inside and out.


“A plant-based diet rich in fruits, vegetables, whole grains, nuts, seeds, legumes and other lean proteins, as well as healthy fat sources is the ideal diet," explained Carilion's Clinical Dietitian, Angela Charlton. "A Mediterranean-style regimen is one form of a plant-based diet that has stood the test of time as one the best diets for reducing your risk of many forms of chronic disease.”


Can Stretching Prevent Running Injuries?

woman doing leg stretches

Fact Check: Stretching is not necessary before running.


Many of us are looking forward to the days of comfortable walking or running outside. Often runners debate whether it is necessary to stretch before running. Some runners always do and others don't think it helps.  If you are a seasoned runner or just training for your first 5K we have some advice that may help you get the most out of those runs.



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