Carilion Experts in the News

Carilion Clinic CEO Nancy Agee smiles while sitting for a photo shoot

Since the coronavirus pandemic began, Carilion Clinic's medical and administrative leaders have been called on to share their knowledge with local, regional and national media outlets.

We have listed a few recent interviews below. Follow Carilion Clinic on social media to stay on top of emerging research, new treatments and enhanced safety measures throughout our facilities.


Clearing Confusion: Coronavirus Tests

closeup of gloved hands holding a covid testing swab

Coronavirus tests are now widely available, and people’s understanding of how they work varies just as widely.

We checked in with Anthony Baffoe-Bonnie, M.D., medical director of Carilion Clinic Infection Prevention and Control, to better understand who should get tested, which test they should take and what they should do while waiting for results.


Take the Seroprevalence Survey

rack of blood samples in medical lab

Carilion Clinic is leading coronavirus research right here, right now.

A new study is focusing on our community—and you can help.

With CARES Act funding from the Virginia Department of Health, we are surveying people in southwest Virginia to better understand the number of people who have COVID-19 in our region as well as a better understanding of activities that contribute to the spread of the virus here.



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