Carilion Clinic Experts in the News

Dr. Anthony Baffoe-Bonnie, chief of Infectious Disease at Carilion Clinic, on the cover of Roanoker Magazine

In our last update, coronarivus was beginning to recede from the headlines and Carilion Clinic's medical and administrative leaders were once again being called on to share their expertise and perspective with the community on all things medical.

Unfortunately, that trend has reversed, and COVID-19 cases are trending upward again in our region; Carilion's experts are working hard to educate and inform the community. 

A few recent interviews are listed below.


Don't Fall for Vaccine-Related Scams

hand holding smartphone over work desk, screen shows scam alert

Since the pandemic started, cybercriminals have been using it to develop new phishing and identity-theft scams, and they've now added the vaccine rollout to their targets.

These scammers steal money or get victims to share protected information by preying on fears around COVID-19 and the vaccines developed to prevent it.

Scams reported by federal agencies include:


Fertility and the COVID-19 Vaccines

couple in surgical masks at fertility clinic facing doctor also in a mask

The medical and scientific communities recommend the Pfizer and Moderna coronavirus vaccines as safe for adults of all ages, but even though the medical community is clear, some confusion remains among people with high-risk conditions like cancer, diabetes ... and pregnancy.

That's right: pregnancy. According to the American Society for Reproductive Medicine (ASRM), emerging data show that pregnant women are at higher risk of complications should they contract coronavirus.



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