Coping With Changes to Your Body After Breast Cancer

woman with breast cancer hugging her child

Women with breast cancer are often distressed by changes to their body after treatment.

These can include scars from surgery, hair loss due to chemotherapy, swelling in the arm and weight gain.

If you’ve been diagnosed with breast cancer, how can you prepare for the possibilities?

And psychologically, how can you best cope with them?


Considering a Knee Replacement?

A man clutches his knee in pain.

 You’ve lived with knee pain for a long time. It’s keeping you from activities you enjoy, and it’s interfering with your sleep.

You’re thinking seriously about having knee replacement surgery.

But how can you be sure it’s the right decision for you?

You definitely owe it to yourself to consider all the factors.

Getting Answers

Over 600,000 Americans get a total knee replacement every year, and most report great improvement after surgery.  


How To Talk About Addiction

adult woman and senior woman engaged in serious conversation

Talking to loved ones about substance abuse or addictions can be daunting even for the most open and loving families.
Once a person becomes addicted to a drug, it may be very difficult to quit due to painful withdrawal symptoms that lead to powerful desires to start using again. Drugs also alter a person’s state of consciousness, causing abnormal mood changes and hindering their ability to communicate.


Are You at Risk for 'Text Thumb?'

More people are saying they have "text thumb."

First there was “text neck”—pain from leaning over your cell phone. Now smartphone users are reporting “text thumb.” 

It’s a popular term (not an actual diagnosis) that refers to a variety of thumb problems. They can include arthritis at the base of the thumb or aggravation of previous thumb injuries. 

Unfortunately, text thumb is becoming more common as we use our smartphones to read, play music, text, view social media, schedule appointments, take photos and listen to podcasts all day long.   


What Should You Eat If You Have Diabetes?

Shopping for asparagus.

Are you feeling overwhelmed because you have diabetes?

You aren’t alone. Many people with this metabolic disorder struggle daily to manage their blood sugar.

They say it’s a tricky balancing act. It can also be depressing and anxiety-producing.

Yet it’s critical. If your blood sugar is too high or too low, it can wear you out, making it hard to just get through the day. It can also make you feel weak and shaky.

Worse—if left untreated over time—diabetes can lead to complications like heart disease, kidney failure, blindness and limb amputations.


A Guide to Opioid Safety

bottle of opioids spilled on counter

There has been a pushback in recent years against the prescribing of opioids, as the opioid epidemic continues to rise in the U.S.  

While awareness about the risks of opioids is important, it is also crucial for patients to know that there are safe ways to take, store and dispose of the medications.

By simply learning a few guidelines before you start a prescription, you set yourself up for a successful recovery process.



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