A Look at the Flu

health care worker in PPE giving flu vaccine to patient

Note, October 2020: This year, getting your flu shot is more important than ever! Not only will it help protect you from the flu, it will help minimize the unnecessary worry caused by "symptom confusion" among respiratory diseases.

For the flu, for coronavirus and for other respiratory illnesses, the best way to prevent the illness is to prevent exposure. Carilion Clinic’s Infectious Disease experts strongly recommend that everyone:


Childhood Asthma: Know the Signs and Symptoms

child with asthma using a rescue inhaler

Did you know that more children are hospitalized for asthma in September than at any other time of the year?

Back-to-school time is a peak time for asthma symptoms because that’s when viruses spark.

There are also certain kinds of mold that peak in the fall which can trigger symptoms for those with more significant asthma.


Diagnosing and Treating Prostate Cancer

male patient with doctor discussing prostate cancer diagnosis

Prostate cancer is the second most common cancer among men in the U.S. behind skin cancer, and the second most deadly, behind lung cancer. According to the American Cancer Society, nearly one in nine American men will be diagnosed with prostate cancer during their lifetime.
While those sound like grim statistics, the five-year survival rate is nearly 100 percent when prostate cancer is diagnosed early enough.


Could Mohs Surgery Be Right for You?

Woman smiles as she examines her skin in a mirror.

If you are seeking treatment for skin cancer, your provider may suggest Mohs surgery as a treatment option.

Mohs surgery is considered the most effective method for treating many cases of basal cell carcinoma or squamous cell carcinoma—two of the most common types of skin cancer.

Mohs surgery can be an appropriate option for many cases, especially for recurring tumors or those located on the head and neck.



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