A Guide to Opioid Safety

bottle of opioids spilled on counter

There has been a pushback in recent years against the prescribing of opioids, as the opioid epidemic continues to rise in the U.S.  

While awareness about the risks of opioids is important, it is also crucial for patients to know that there are safe ways to take, store and dispose of the medications.

By simply learning a few guidelines before you start a prescription, you set yourself up for a successful recovery process.


What to do When Your Doctor Retires

doctor talking to patient

You have been going to the same doctor for many, many years. She knows you and has been through a lot with you. Then you find out that she is retiring.

Oh no! How are you going to find another doctor that understands you like she does? It can seem impossible, intimidating and even a little scary to try to find that perfect doctor once again, but it doesn't have to be.


Beat the Heat!

woman bent over after running in heat

One of the most common issues that you can face as you enjoy your time outside this summer is a heat-related illness.

Your body has a natural cooling system that is always working to maintain a safe temperature. Sweating helps your body cool down, but when you are exposed to high temperatures and the sun for a long time–working outdoors in the summer, for example–your cooling system has to work harder.

Your body sends more blood to your skin and away from your muscles, brain and other organs, which can lead to a heat illness.


Finding New Ways to Treat Pain

woman holing her head in pain

Did you know that more than 1,200 Virginians died from opioid overdoses last year?

Or that more than 10,000 people visited Virginia emergency departments for opioid and heroin overdoses?

Sadly, deaths from drug overdoses are now the main cause of unnatural deaths in the state, according to the Virginia Department of Health.

Some of them involve patients who were prescribed opioids to treat chronic pain.



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