Workout: Stronger, Toned Arms

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By Patrick Dunham on January 11, 2019

If you have been lifting the same weights and doing the same arm exercises, but you aren't seeing the results that you want, it is probably time to change up your routine. Check out the video below video for some of my favorite arm exercises. 

For a quick arm workout do three sets and 12 reps of each exercise. Or mix it up and do just 10 reps of each and repeat the circuit three times. Choose a weight that feels comfortable to you, but will challenge you as you complete your last few reps.

Even just getting in at least 15 minutes of exercise each day has been shown to improve your health, so hit that play button and get moving.

Before performing any exercise consult your physician for clearance. Stop exercising immediately if you feel lightheaded, dizzy or have chest pains.


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