What You Can Do to Help With the Opioid Crisis

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By News Team on April 24, 2021

Did you know that most misused prescription drugs are obtained right from our medicine cabinets?

Prescription drugs can be stolen or accidentally consumed by children or pets, and they can harm the water supply if flushed or put down a drain.

This National Drug Take-Back Day, keep your family and the water supply safe by returning your unused medications to your pharmacy. With Carilion Clinic's MedSafe kiosks, you can do it touch-free and contact-free too! 

Our kiosks have collected thousands of pounds of unused medications—safely and anonymously. You can find one at each of the Carilion Clinic hospitals and pharmacies

various pills and capsules in a sink or shower drain
Keep your medications out of the water supply. Return them to a MedSafe kiosk or your pharmacy instead of flushing them!

“Safe disposal of unwanted or unused medications is an important element of our systemwide approach to opioid stewardship,” says Chad Alvarez, senior director of Retail Pharmacy at Carilion Clinic. “It helps us avoid the potential for abuse of medications.”

Tips for Using the MedSafe Kiosks

Place all unused medications, including legally held controlled substances such as narcotics, into the MedSafe kiosk using the drop-door. Be sure to leave them in their original packaging and containers when possible. 

The following items should not be placed in the kiosks:

  • Illegal drugs
  • Liquid containers larger than four ounces (place those in a plastic baggie)
  • Sharps containers, needles or syringes
  • Batteries, chemicals or other hazardous materials
  • Aerosol spray cans
  • Trash
  • Medical devices

Today is the official day, but you can make any day a drug take-back day. Find a collection site near you at DEAdiversion.usdoj.gov or stop by a Carilion Clinic hospital or retail pharmacy to dispose of yours safely.