Spring Forward. Do These Things Too.

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By News Team on March 11, 2022

Daylight saving time begins at 2 a.m. this Sunday, March 13.

Most of our clocks will change automatically, but the time change is a good reminder to take care of some home safety tasks and get ready for longer days. 

Clear the Air

Test your smoke/carbon monoxide detectors. Hard-wired detectors have a test button that you can press, and battery-operated ones should get new batteries.

Change the filter on your heat/AC air return vent too! That's a once-a-month task many of us forget. 

man checking carbon monoxide detector

Clean up Clutter

Clutter can make cleanup a challenge, leaving dust and other allergens behind. Clutter also causes stress—which none of us need more of!

man's head covered in laundry showing stressful face indicating clutter

Scrub Down the Kitchen

Day-to-day cleaning is great, but it takes a kitchen deep-clean to reach the greasy grime, food-flecked appliances and science experiments at the back of the fridge.

man and boy smiling while cleaning kitchen together

Restock Your First-Aid Kit

Make sure your supplies are up to date in your home's first-aid kit. Check expiration dates and restock the bandages and ibuprofen that have been "borrowed" from it over time. 

First aid and survival supplies kit.

Clean out Your Medicine Cabinet

Prescriptions, over-the-counter medications and dietary supplements have expiration dates. Check your medicine cabinet for anything that doesn't belong there anymore and dispose of it safely.

Adjust Buckles and Straps

Your child has grown since the last time you had their carseat or booster seat checked or fitted their bike helmet for them. Local bike shops will help if you're not confident in the fit--and they can check your helmet too!

happy man and boy adjusting bike helmet in parklike setting

Get Caught up on Checkups

After two years of safety concerns in various stages of lockdown, many of us are out of sync with checkups, screenings and immunizations (when was your last tetanus shot?). Checkups are not just for kids; schedule your family's women's health, men's health and teen physicals today.

smiling doctor and teenager in medical exam room indicating checkup

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