Microdermabrasion for Younger Looking Skin

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By News Team on July 14, 2022

Special offer! Through July 29 only, Carilion Clinic's Dermatology Aesthetic Services team is offering three microdermabrasion sessions for the price of two! Visit Carilion Clinic's Dermatology Aesthetic Services for details and to schedule yours.

The American Society for Dermatologic Surgery supports microdermabrasion as an excellent treatment option for patients with discoloration and other skin issues. Minimal down time is required. It involves gently abrading away the top layer of the skin in order to reduce enlarged pores, treat mild acne, even skin tone and reduce the appearance of fine wrinkles.

“Microdermabrasion treatments are great for people with sensitive skin who are unable to tolerate chemical peels,” said Carilion Clinic dermatologist Padma Chitnaviz, M.D. “Microdermabrasion not only helps to remove unwanted irregularities in the skin, but also stimulates the collagen production.”

How It Works

A closed vacuum device is used to gently spray aluminum oxide crystals through a tube into a hand piece placed onto the skin. The machine combines the gentle mixture of particles with suction to remove the damaged outer layers of your skin. Treatments can take up to 30 minutes. Repeated treatment is necessary to maintain results.

How To Prepare for a Microdermabrasion

Prior to a microdermabrasion treatment, Dr. Chitnaviz said you should discontinue use of topical retinoids, such as Retin-A, at least three days before the procedure to avoid possible adverse reaction. A consultation with your provider will help you determine the best treatment option specific to your skin care needs.

Some patients may experience mild redness, irritation or dryness after the procedure. Always wear a moisturizer and a broad-spectrum sunscreen with an SPF of 30 or above, daily following the procedure.

For more information about a microdermabrasion or to schedule a consultation with a dermatologist or master aesthetician, call Carilion Clinic Dermatology and Mohs Surgery at 540-345-6010. Visit online at CarilionClinic.org/skincare.


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