Exercise: 3 Steps to Healthier Habits That Last

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By Michael Gallant on April 5, 2021

If part of your spring-cleaning plan includes cleaning up your diet and lifestyle, focusing your efforts on exercise, nutrition and recovery will have the most impact on your health.

Exercise will always be a crucial part of keeping your body and mind healthy, and spring is the perfect time to renew your efforts and take control of your health. And you don't need to rearrange your schedule for it—making exercise part of your day is key to making it a lasting part of your life. These three steps will help!

Commit to It

Start by committing to a regular exercise and activity schedule. Whether it’s a quick 10-minute circuit daily before you hop in the shower or an hour-long walk in the evenings 3x weekly, choose a schedule that you can reasonably manage. The important part is that you can stick with it consistently. Adding it to your calendar as a recurring weekly event with no end date will help.

Make It Your Own

With your goals in mind, decide what types of activity and exercise you will do on which days. If all you want is to be able to walk the greenway a couple of times per week, your exercise time should look very different from someone who is training for a triathlon. Make sure your training aligns with your goals so that your exercise time is well spent.

Have a Plan B

Prepare a backup plan. There will always be hiccups in the plan. Have a backup ready so you don’t end up skipping your workout. If you planned to walk outside and it's raining, have a couple of indoor workout options ready to choose from or have your gym bag already packed to head to a class instead.

Inspired to do more to boost your wellness? Check out three steps to better nutrition, and don't forget rest and recovery—what you don't do is as important as what you do! Inspired to do more?
Michael Gallant is the Clinical Programs manager for Carilion Wellness.

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