Cures Act Puts More of Your Chart in MyChart

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By News Team on February 25, 2021

When health care providers partner with their patients, both the quality of care and outcomes improve.

That was the reasoning behind the 21st Century Cures Act and the regulations that guide its implementation, which were developed to give patients greater access to and control over their health care data. 

And at Carilion Clinic, where patients are already considered the most important member of their care team, that's the reason for implementing the new regulations months ahead of the deadline.

As of Friday, Feb. 5, you can now see your care team’s notes in MyChart after your visit, and you will have immediate access to most test results. There are also changes to proxy access for adolescents and teens (ages 12-17; scroll down for details).

Your care team notes can provide more insight into your care by helping you:

  • Remember what was discussed with your doctor
  • Feel empowered to make health care decisions
  • Partner with your doctor for better care
  • Make sure your information is accurate, so your care is safer
  • Share your information with a loved one or anyone you choose

This information transparency is important, but it can also cause some anxiety, especially if you are not scheduled to review the results with your provider for several days. So remember that while you can see your information as soon as it is available, you can always choose not to. Many people choose to wait to hear from their care team before reviewing their test results. Keep the following in mind:

  • You may see some results even before we do; you can choose to view your results immediately or wait to hear from your care team
  • Our clinicians look at every result; please give us 2-3 business days to review your results and communicate with you
  • Your care team will contact you with any results that may be cause for concern
  • Messaging can be efficient and quick, but it's not always enough; where critical results are involved, we prefer to review them with you in person, by video visit or by phone in order to develop a plan together
  • When possible, we will discuss the possible results with you before you have your test

If you have any questions about the new information available in your MyChart, talk with your care team.

Changes to MyChart Access for Patients Ages 12-17

There are two levels of parent/guardian proxy access. 

  • Parent/Guardian With Limited Proxy Access can see information about such things as allergies and immunizations, as well as certain test results and doctors' notes
  • Parent/Guardian With Full Proxy Access can see all test results and doctors' notes, including about services related to relationships, sexual health and birth control, mental health and substance use

Unless you have been emancipated, if you are under 18, your parent or guardian has a right to see your medical information. However, you can contact your doctor’s office at any time to change your mind about giving a parent/guardian proxy access to your MyChart.

For parents and guardians who currently have proxy access to a teen's medical record, this access may have been updated or changed since Feb. 5. Please talk to your teen's physician during your next visit about re-activating proxy access.

For kids, teens and adults, health care at Carilion Clinic is a partnership, and we will continue to make changes to help you be informed and in more control of your care.

For more information or to sign up for MyChart, visit

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