11 Health Habits From the Pros

Do you ever walk into a wellness or fitness facility and wonder what the people who work there do to stay fit and healthy? You might think that it is second nature for them, but that is not necessarily true.

Even though being fit and living a healthy lifestyle is a big part of my job as the manager of Clinic Training at Carilion Wellness, I still have to put time and effort into it each day.

For me, the top three things I do regularly to stay well are:

  • Prepare food at home
  • Do different types of exercise
  • Get outside for activity and exercise as much as possible

To give you a glimpse at how others at Carilion Wellness stay healthy physically and mentally, I asked some of my colleagues to share a few things that they do on a regular basis.  

Whitney Ray, director, Wellness Development

  • Mountain bike
  • Cook and prepare food at home (I know all ingredients this way)
  • Take time to laugh!

Maurissa Mursch, business manager

  • Meditate
  • Play soft background music while working (outdoor and nature sounds)

Robyn Rohrig, registered dietitian

  • Eat less processed foods
  • Shop the perimeter of the grocery store as much as possible
  • Limit sugary drinks such as soda and juices

You might have noticed that all of these are everyday things that anyone can do. The most important factor for each of my co-workers is consistency. What do you do on a regular basis to stay healthy?