Kay Moyer's Brain Tumor Diagnosis

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By News Team on June 22, 2017


Life has nearly returned to normal for Bucky and Kay Moyer.  Four months ago, when Kay collapsed in their kitchen, a journey they couldn't have imagined they would face began.

“It all happened on the same day," said Kay. "It was about more that I can comprehend in one day. I thought when I had the CT scan that they were going to say I had a little mini stroke or some kind. I was really surprised when they said they found this mass in my brain.”

Carilion Clinic neurosurgeon, Eric Marvin, D.O., determined the mass was not cancerous. It was a grade one meningioma, which usually means a great prognosis once it is removed.

“Brain tumors in general are not common in the general population, but of the brain tumors we see, these are a very common finding," Dr. Marvin explained.

The thought of surgery was frightening for the Moyers, but after a lot of research and several visits to see Dr. Marvin, they felt comfortable and decided to go forward with the surgery.  

"When we talked to Dr. Marvin, it was pretty wonderful," said Bucky. "He really spelled out exactly what it was when he went over the scan with us. The big thing for me is for Kay to wake up and look forward to that day.

Since surgery, Kay and Bucky have been waking up and looking forward to each day and what it may hold for them. They will continue to see Dr. Marvin for follow-up visits to be sure the tumor doesn't return.

That long-term patient relationship is part of why Dr. Marvin studied to become a neurosurgeon.

"Seeing a patient come back and smiling, doing a good job, happy and satisfied with their surgical outcomes is absolutely the reason that I got into neurosurgery," he said. 

In spite of the concern that comes with an unexpected diagnosis, Kay appreciated Dr. Marvin's approach to her care. 

“He goes over and above, I think," she said.