James' Weight Loss Surgery Journey

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By News Team on April 8, 2019

James was facing diabetes, had high blood pressure and was stuck in a cycle of losing weight and gaining it back.

It was making him depressed.

He followed a weight loss program and exercised regularly, but still found himself gaining weight, so he would binge on unhealthy foods.

“To me, if I follow the program, it should work, and therefore when it didn’t work, I saw that as my failure,” says James.

When his doctor recommended medication for diabetes on top of the high blood pressure medicine that he was already taking, he decided to undergo weight loss surgery at Carilion Clinic's Bariatric Clinic.

"I was determined to do everything I could to try to prevent that from happening,” he said.

Less than two years later, he no longer takes blood pressure medication and is not even close to being a diabetic. He has lost enough weight that he fits into his clothes from high school.

For James, the improvements to his physical health are only part of the story.

“I’ve had health benefits of course, but psychologically, it’s allowed me to feel like once again I’m being part of the human race, and not feeling like I was being ostracized and not feeling like I was being looked down on," he said.

He recommends bariatric surgery for anyone who has made a real effort to lose weight without success.

“It can turn your life around.”

If you are considering weight loss surgery, visit CarilionClinic.org/weightloss.