Day in the Life: A Unique Pharmacy Experience

Karen McNew McGuire's picture
By Karen McNew McGuire on September 7, 2017

At Carilion Roanoke Memorial Hospital, in one day 15,000 doses of medication are dispensed to patients and 1,500 IV solutions are compounded. That’s about one per minute!
In addition to providing medicines for patients during their stay, pharmacists and technicians work to make sure they have the prescriptions they need before they go home through the bedside delivery program.
“We stay very busy,” said Laz Pastrikos, a Carilion Clinic pharmacist.The bedside delivery program has kept us busy, which is a good thing because that means we are doing something right and we are helping the patients out.”
Every day at 9:00 a.m., GetWellNetwork, an interactive patient software at Carilion Roanoke Memorial Hospital, notifies patients in their rooms about the prescription delivery option, and in addition, Amanda Nicely, a Carilion Clinic Pharmacy advocate, keeps track of discharges and follows up with patients.
“I’ll ask them if they are interested in having their meds filled and delivered to their room while they are here,” explained Amanda. “I would say I interact with not just patients, but also nurses, doctors and case managers.”
As Amanda enters information into our pharmacy's system, prescriptions are being filled, pharmacists are rounding with physicians or a patient may have just been admitted in the Emergency Department where a pharmacy technician takes a medication history.
Everything is verified and checked before the patient goes home; all part of a team effort to provide the best treatment possible.
“Making sure that patients have their prescriptions before they leave, before they walk out the door saves them time and ensures that they have the medications prior to going home,” noted Jason Hoffman, senior director of Inpatient Pharmacy at Carilion Clinic.
The program also allows patients to ask questions and understand more about how and when to take the medication, which helps ensure that they won’t end up back in the hospital.
“One of the great things about the bedside delivery program through GetWellNetwork is our collaboration with nurses, physicians, physician assistants and the pharmacy upstairs,” said Laz. “It is just a multi-practice program that serves the patient well.”
And serving the patient is what this “dose” of convenience is all about.
It is really a group effort,” added Nicely. “You really need to be a team and I think we are a good team.”