Bone Health: A Mother-Daughter Story

Karen McNew McGuire's picture
By Karen McNew McGuire on May 10, 2018

Misty and Wanda Trent work together, but they’re more than co-workers and friends, they’re a mom and a daughter who now share a similar health journey.

"Starting out with my family doctor experiencing severe back pain," explained Wanda Trent.

"My mom has such issues with her spine and her bones and she has osteoporosis," added her daughter, Misty Trent.

At Carilion Clinic’s Bone Health Clinic, providers work together to identify patients like Wanda who will benefit from medications and therapies that target brittle bones.

“I always tell our patients, manage osteoporosis before it manages you,” said Lisa Wright, a nurse practitioner with the Fracture Liaison Service at Carilion's Bone Health Clinic. 

A bone density screening identified Wanda’s osteoporosis. That along with her fracture score created a foundation for treatment, which now includes daily injections to re-build bone.

"She showed me the difference in how badly the bones had declined from two years ago, which was really scary," Wanda said. "When I went to see Lisa I was telling her about my daughter."

"She mentioned her daughter Misty," said Wright.

Which makes sense because family history is one of several risk factors.

"I went to see Lisa and she did more extensive blood work and she put me on a high dose of vitamin D," said Wanda.

As Wanda and Misty are planning for vacation, Misty has some advice for all of us.

"If anyone in your family has any issues I think it is at least worth going and getting checked out for it that way you don’t have any problems further down the road," said Misty.