It Only Takes a Moment to Prevent Poisoning

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By News Team on May 11, 2021

Art supplies, makeup, plants just a few common things we keep in our homes that seem innocent, but that could be potentially dangerous to curious young kids. And that's not to mention the more obviously harmful household items, like medications or disinfectants and bleach.

Nine out of 10 poisonings occur at home, and half of the 2 million calls to Poison Control involve children ages 5 and under.

The positive news is that we can all take simple steps to keep our littlest family members safe. Follow these top tips from Jill Lucas-Drakeford, Carilion Clinic community health educator and Southwest Virginia coordinator for Safe Kids Worldwide, to prevent accidental poisonings by taking a few safety precautions.


  • Store all household products and cleaning solutions out of children’s sight and reach. Young kids are often eye-level with items under the kitchen and bathroom sinks.
  • Store poisonous items out of reach or use safety locks on cabinets within reach. These items also include liquid packets for the laundry and dishwasher.
  • Make sure that all medications, including vitamins and adult medicines, are stored out of reach and out of sight of children.

Read Labels:

  • Read product labels to find out what can be hazardous to kids.
  • Dangerous household items include makeup, personal care products, plants, pesticides, lead, art supplies, alcohol and carbon monoxide.

Be Prepared:

  • Put the Poison Control number 800-222-1222 in your cell phone and post it in your home near your phone or on your refrigerator for you and anyone that might be caring for your child.
  • Check toys and your home for lead-based paint.
  • Remove any peeling paint or chewable surfaces painted with lead-based paint.

Each of the steps above only take a few minutes and give you one less thing to worry about, so take the time to make sure your little one is safe to explore! Get more tips on poison prevention from

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