Warm Up to Springtime Recipes

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By Recipe Team on April 21, 2022

As the weather begins to warm up, it's time to put away the winter comfort-food recipes and fill the kitchen with fresher, lighter meals. This spring feels even more light and festive, as COVID restrictions have eased and we're able to share meals with family and friends again. 

Here are a few recipes to help you refresh your repertoire. Search our recipe library for more!

Spring Greens and New Potatoes

tomato and asparagus salad on white plate on rustic table
Asparagus tastes like springtime, and tomatoes promise even warmer days ahead. This simple salad is great as a side or light meal.

Make the most of cool-weather crops from your garden or farmer's market and enjoy a light meal of spring greens and new potatoes. Kale packs a powerful nutrient punch, but you can substitute collards, mustard greens or even baby spinach if you prefer.

Cherry Tomatoes and Asparagus Salad

Keep the garden theme going with fresh favorites, cherry tomatoes and asparagus. Basil adds flavor, and the avocado and gorgonzola cheese will make you feel more full than you'd expect with such a light meal. 

Skillet Chicken With Kale

breaded chicken thighs with herbs
Chicken with herbs and greens are delicious when cooked together in a single skillet, and it makes cleaning up easy too!

Tasty, good-for-you cooking doesn't have to be complicated. Warm up your kitchen with this easy one-pan meal your family will love.

Roasted Lemony Cabbage

Need another savory side? Our spin on cabbage will surprise you with its tangy, roasted-to-crispiness crunch. 

Chai Hot Chocolate

mug of hot cocoa with star anise, nutmeg and cinnamon sticks
Chai hot chocolate is just the thing for warming up on chilly nights, with the added bonus of anti-inflammatory properties.

Warm, sunny days are great, but it still gets chilly at night. Warm up after dinner with chai-style hot chocolate. It tastes like dessert with the added bonus of anti-inflammatory spices. 


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