Chill out With Summer Mocktails

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By Recipe Team on July 31, 2020

This summer is a tough one.

Summer is for socializing, and the coronavirus has kept us all apart for months.

Add an extended heat wave and even socially distant get-togethers outside are uncomfortable.

As tempting as it would be to crowd together with strangers inside cool, air-conditioned restaurants, that significantly increases the risk of exposure to the coronavirus.

So in these very, very stressful times, how can we celebrate the end of a tough week?

Have a mini-staycation with homemade mocktails!

These recipes from our archives are refreshing, delicious and healthy. And keeping them alcohol-free means everyone can imbibe.

Add a splash of seltzer to any of them if you're a fan of fizzy drinks. 

Don't forget a recovery drink after your workout—especially important when hot, humid days have you perspiring more. 

And finally, if you are truly thirsty, Drinking Water Might Be the Most Important Thing You Do.

Looking for more healthy hydrators? Check out the American Institute for Cancer Research's recipe library

Stay cool, stay hydrated—and this summer especially, stay safe.