Kid-Friendly After-School Snacks

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By Recipe Team on August 11, 2022

Kids need to refuel after a long day at school. While stocking your freezer with prepackaged boxes of processed "food" is easy, it's not the best choice for them (or for adults!). Instead, plan ahead just a little bit so they have the makings of nutrient-dense snacks that feed their brains as much as their bellies.

We've listed a few recipes below; browse our recipe library for more!

Baked Apple Chips

Bowl full of baked apple chips set on a stack of cloth napkins, with apples surrounding it.

Apple chips might just be the perfect snack.

They're sweet, crunchy and satisfying to eat while being low in calories and high in fiber and nutrients. Plus they're simple to make. A dehydrator is a great option if your child is too young to use the oven.

No-Bake Watermelon Cake

A garden-fresh "cake" slathered in thick Greek yogurt "frosting" is good for you at every layer, and it's as much fun to make as it is to eat.

For a different twist (or for littler hands), use the frosting as a dip with cubed watermelon and berries on a fork or skewer.

Rainbow Pizza

With premade naan and a jar of your favorite pesto or pasta sauce, this recipe couldn't be easier.

Naan pizza with colorful vegatable toppings.

The only work is in the chopping, which you can help your kids with ahead of time.

Children often will try new foods if they're involved in preparation, so experiment with new-to-them toppings and encourage them to be creative!

Date-Nut Chocolate Cookies

A platter of date-nut chocolate chip cookies.

Is there any better after-school snack than fresh-from-the-oven cookies? Make the dough ahead of time for these updated chocolate chip cookies and keep a "log" of it in the freezer for older, more independent kids to bake a few at a time.

They freeze well after baking, too, so little ones can enjoy them without using the oven.

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