Father's Day Desserts for Dad

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By Recipe Team on June 16, 2021

How to thank dad for everything he does for his kids and his family on the day-to-day?

How about starting with one of these sweet homemade treats from the Carilion Living recipe collection?

Made with love from scratch and using dietitian-approved recipes, each one will be better and healthier than anything storebought (plus, they all make fun kitchen projects for kids of nearly any age to help out with).

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Nectarine Raspberry Cobbler

Lucky for dad, his special weekend takes place during some of the sunniest days of summer, when many fan-favorite fruits start to come into season. That makes this rustic cobbler a perfect Father's Day dessert.

Closeup view of nectarine raspberry cobbler in a glass cobbler dish.

Summer Fruit Salad with Creamy Orange Dressing

Did your dad grow up with the classic Southern dessert, ambrosia salad? Surprise him by serving this lightened up modern version, which gets all of its sweetness from a colorful cast of fresh fruit (no added sugars!).

Martini glass filled with creamy fruit salad made with coconut, blueberries and navel orange slices.

Scratch-Made Brownies

Brownie mix from a box is okay, but dads deserves better on their special day. Make these chocolate-y treats fresh from scratch with our recipe from Carilion Clinic's Dining and Nutrititon Services it uses reduced-fat dairy and fewer egg yolks to help keep dad healthier.

Freshly baked, scored brownies in a steel baking pan
And if you're going big this weekend by making a full course Father's Day meal?  We've got you covered with some dad-approved grilling recipes like this one and this one.
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