Cool Recipes for Hot Summer Days

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By Recipe Team on July 1, 2022

When it's too hot to cook, cool and refreshing recipes from the Carilion kitchen can help.

First things first, whether you're cooking inside or out, be sure you're drinking enough water! Increasing your water intake is the easiest "dietary" change you can make, and the benefits start paying off immediately. Here's how you can work more water into your diet.

Now that you're properly hydrated, keep cool with some of these savory summer recipes.

If you decide to grill outside, do it safely and avoid charring the meat. These grill-friendly recipes can feed a crowd without heating up your kitchen.

And don't forget dessert! The best summer desserts are light, fresh and fruity. Oh, and easy. If it's too hot to cook, it's definitely too hot to bake.

Want more recipes to choose from? Refill your water bottle and browse our recipe library.

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