4 Ideas for When It's Too Hot To Cook

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By Recipe Team on July 24, 2020

When it's 90-plus degrees and climbing, spending quality time with your stove is the last thing you're trying to do.

So we searched through the Carilion Living recipe files and found four fast, flavorful and filling ideas for dinner or lunch that are all healthy and heat-free. Whether chilled soup or a seasonal twist on chicken salad, we've got something to suit just about anyone's tastes.

Click or tap through to try any of the recipes below — and browse the rest of our recipes for sides and desserts to round out your meal. Whatever you choose, don't forget to stay hydrated!

Fiesta Tuna Salad

If you have a couple of cans of tuna fish in your pantry (highly probable), then you're already well on your way to a protein-packed, no-cook dinner. We suggest this Southwestern-inspired take on tuna salad, with creamy avocado and just enough of a spicy-citrus kick. Serve alongside tortilla chips or over a green salad.

Bowl of tuna salad and smaller bowl of salsa with chips.

Just Peachy Chicken Salad

Let your nearest supermarket do the hard work for you on this onejust pick up a rotisserie chicken and then assemble this summery salad at home. Its low-fat, mayonnaise-yogurt blend makes it healthier than your typical chicken salad, with probiotics from the yogurt and phytonutrients from the fresh fruit. Serve over spinach or with some whole-grain crackers.

Chicken and peach sallad served over greens with a side of grapes.


Corn Avocado Salad

This light salad offers some of the best flavors of summer—the juiciness of grape tomatoes, the sweetness of corn—with no heat required, and it's a great source of healthy fat and fiber. If you have fresh corn, use it (though frozen works fine). Serve scooped into pita bread or wrapped in a tortilla for a more substantial meal. 

Bowl of corn and avocado salad.

Chilly Cucumber Soup

It doesn't get much more refreshing than this chilled soup—and it's more substantial than you might expect, thanks to both the fiber from the cucumbers and the creaminess of the sour cream and buttermilk. It's made like a smoothie, in a blender with no cooking required. Serve with sandwiches, tapas, a charcuterie board or some gourmet toast for a lovely weekend lunch. As a bonus, this will help you stay hydrated through the heat!

Cup of chilled cucumber soup.
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