Early to Rise

Fact Check:  We are all 30 minutes away from less stress.


We all deal with time (or the lack of it) and stress on a daily basis, but could using 30 minutes of your day just a little differently cut down on the stress in your life? Thomas Milam, M.D., of Carilion Clinic's Psychiatry and Behavioral Medicine, calls it the power half hour.

"I encourage people to get up a half hour earlier and just sit with a cup of coffee or just have some quiet time in the morning to prepare," he explained. "If you are rushed going to work and rushed taking kids to school, then your whole day is going to feel rushed."

Mindful meditation can take as little as five to ten minutes to focus on our breathing and relaxing our body and mind. Dr. Milam said that even just taking three deep breaths can help relieve the stress we are feeling.

Watch the video for more and try it today.