Your Booster Questions Answered

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By News Team on January 12, 2022

Mariana Gomez de la Espriella, M.D., is an Infectious Diseases specialist with Carilion Clinic. In this Jan. 7 video, she answers people's current questions about the COVID-19 booster in both English and Spanish. Para obtener una versión en español de las preguntas y respuestas del Dr. Gómez, visite nuestro canal de YouTube.

This most recent video update is a snapshot in time, and the topic continues to evolve. The information shared reflects the most accurate guidance at the time that this video was prepared. For the most current information on the COVID-19, please visit the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)

You can watch the full video, or skip ahead to questions that interest you. 

When should I get the booster? (1:08)

Which brand should I get? (1:26)

Are there any side effects from the booster? (1:53)

Why should I get it if I’m already vaccinated? (2:24)

If I’ve had COVID-19 and been vaccinated do I still need the booster? (2:54)

Should I get the booster if I’m pregnant or breastfeeding? (3:45)

Can children get the COVID-19 booster? (4:01)

Are there any people who shouldn’t get the booster? (4:24)

How long does the booster last? (4:52)

Do I still need to wear a mask after getting the booster? (5:25)

Can I still get the booster if I lost my vaccine card? (5:43)

Can I still get COVID-19 after getting the booster? (6:01)

How can I convince my loved ones to get the booster? (6:29)

If you still have questions about COVID-19, the omicron variant, the vaccines or boosters, talk to your primary care provider or visit the CDC's website

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