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By News Team on June 7, 2021

As coronarivus begins to recede from the headlines, Carilion Clinic's medical and administrative leaders are once again being called on to share their expertise and perspective on all things medical with the community.

We have listed just a few recent interviews below. Follow Carilion Clinic on social media to stay on top of vaccine information, emerging research, new treatments and enhanced safety measures throughout our facilities.

Summer heat and sunshine have been in the news too, and our experts have been on hand to raise awareness:

And some news that may not surprise anyone who has seen the amazing work health care professionals have been doing under the cloud of COVID-19: The Virginia Tech Carilion School of Medicine (VTCSOM) has received 6,374 applications for the class that starts this summer. That's a 45% increase over the 4,400 applications the school typically receives! VTCSOM accepts fewer than 50 medical students per class. 

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