When Seconds Count

Karen McNew McGuire's picture
By Karen McNew McGuire on May 26, 2016

Every 40 seconds…that is how often someone has a stroke in the U.S. And while new technology and techniques are decreasing the number of stroke-related deaths and disabilities, it is still imperative that you act fast when someone is having a stroke.   When someone is having a stroke, every second counts. 

The sooner a person can begin receiving treatment for a stroke the better their chances of recovery. Disabilities from a stroke can range from problems with mobility and communication to issues so severe that a person will need nursing home care.

To help ensure that patients receive the right kind of care fast, many hospitals have implemented special alert systems. At Carilion Roanoke Memorial Hospital, our Stroke Alert Program strategically brings together many teams across the hospital to ensure that patients get fast and efficient life-saving care.

Watch now to see how this type of comprehensive, coordinated care is helping patients.