Fact Check

Does spot training really work? Get the facts on training your whole body.

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Simple tips to create a healing environment in your own home.

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Tips from our pediatric allergist on introducing this once forbidden food.

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Prevent noise-related hearing loss at work, at home and at play.

senior man sitting on bed blowing his nose
Fact Check

If you are struck with the flu this year, find out what might be your best treatment option.

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A yearly wellness exam ensures that you stay healthy and independent for years to come.

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Did you know that it's about more than just diet and exercise?

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If your days are filled with stress, a simple habit can offer relief.

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Fact Check

Vascular surgeon, Dr. Raju, talks about risks, treatment and prevention in this Fact Check.

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No matter the sport or the goal, the recipe for improving and success is the same.

Fact Check

Are flu patients only contagious when they have a fever? The answer may surprise you.

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Which is better when it comes to providing all the nutrients you need to be healthy?