Banish Dry Winter Skin

african american woman rubbing lotion on her cheeks

Winter means lower temperatures and lower humidity. And that means more dry skin than your summer skin-care routine can handle. Cold, dry air strips the skin of its moisture, leaving it tight, rough, dry and red. When skin goes untreated and unprotected over the long term, increased wrinkling, fine lines, sensitivity and rough, uneven texture result.

The following tips will help you care for your skin throughout the dry season—and learn when it’s time to seek professional and medical care for your skin.


WOW: New Year Workout

young african american woman smiling and running as she works out

Many of you might already be thinking about your goals for the new year and how you can finally make it the year you start (and stick to) a regular exercise routine. And you are not alone. I see so many people who start the year with good intentions, but they don’t get very far because they are not sure where to start.


4 Ways to Improve Your Health in the New Year

Man riding bike in sunset_4 ways to improve your health in the new year

In the beginning of the new year, many individuals are taking a moment to reflect on their health and make some positive lifestyle changes. Knowing where to begin, however, can sometimes be tricky. 

We spoke with four experts, each with a different medical expertise, and asked them what they would recommend for those kicking off the new year with wellness resolutions in mind. Check out their tips on how to improve your sleep, exercise, diet and mental health habits and improve your overall health. 

1. SLEEP: Limit your time in bed.


Help Others, Help Yourself

woman volunteering at shelter soup kitchen

More than 62 million adults in the U.S. spend time volunteering in their community every year. While their generosity and commitment undoubtedly help the organizations and individuals they support, most of them probably don’t realize the positive impact their outward actions have on their own bodies.

Research has shown that altruism stimulates the same reward centers of the brain associated with food and sex. Measurable physical and mental benefits to volunteering include:


When You Snooze, You Lose

man in bed reaching to turn off multiple alarm clocks

We all know that our sleep habits affect how we function during the day. But did you know that the way you wake up can have similar effects?

Most of us do not wake up naturally, especially on workdays and school days. A loud alarm goes off and, depending on how long you have been asleep, you might think the alarm is part of your dream, you could wake up and greet the day or maybe you decide to hit the snooze button for a few more minutes of rest (and then a few more minutes when it goes off again).


Injured? How to Choose a Rehab Facility

patient receiving physical therapy after an accident

What if you were in a car accident, or your mother had a stroke, and you each needed intensive therapy to recover?

Where would you turn?

When life’s accidents occur, we often feel overwhelmed and unprepared.

But to the extent that you can ever prepare for such events, it may help to know that resources are available in our region to help you—or your mother—get back on your feet.



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